This week Talksure has partnered with Chefs with Compassion to contribute to their 67,000 l for Mandela Day drive.

The company has contributed ingredients and dedicated its staff canteen team, comprising well trained and qualified hospitality professionals, over a period of 3 days, to deliver a targeted 1000 litres by Saturday 18 July in honour of Mandela Day.

Commenting on the initiative, Talksure Chairman, Jesse Watts said, “Given, the extent of hunger and malnutrition in our country, even before the COVID-19 Lockdown impact, an endeavour such as this deserves as much support as possible.  At Talksure, we want to contribute to and enhance the lives of our people, our customers, and our community. Chefs with Compassion has added yet another channel for us to do so.” He added that, “with the requirement to close our workplace under level 5 lockdown, the company took the decision to accelerate an extensive work from home format which now encompasses 70% of its workforce.  This, of course, has resulted in a reduced requirement for staff canteen services. The opportunity to support Chefs with Compassion, for this drive, and hopefully beyond has also provided our canteen staff with much-needed work and a strong sense of purpose during this challenging time.”

Chefs with Compassion is an organisation founded on the philosophy of providing nourishing, appetizing meals through surplus rescued produce. They partner with NOSH Food Rescue NPC, which drives, among other things, education around what constitutes food waste and what does not. The team at Chefs with Compassion note that “for those who have nothing, rescued produce represents a meal, and the massive volume of food that is wasted in South Africa (10 million tons a year), if rescued, can mean the difference between hunger and nourishment” They, like Talksure, also hold a firm belief in the dignity of all, and the organisation has a stated commitment to ensuring that “the people they feed get to enjoy meals that are as visually appealing as they are tasty.”

Talksure’s Head of Facilities, Brendan Reddy expressed the excitement of his team at the opportunity to get involved. “All members of the canteen and catering team have gained their skill and experience while working with Talksure.  They take exceptional pride in everything they do, with a commitment to producing quality, restaurant-worthy meals every day.  That they now get the opportunity to do this for the community is seen as a wonderful opportunity to give back.