At Talksure, we love technology, we love change and we love the amazing benefits which technology brings to our lives and our work. Over the past few months, we’ve had to make numerous changes to the way we conduct our lives and daily business activities. A key differentiator for us vs. our competitors is our willingness, need and ability to challenge the ordinary. We evolved to meet the needs of an extreme new reality, embraced the new normal, as we speedily, successfully and safely implemented Work from Home solutions from day 1 of the National Lockdown.

In keeping with pushing our boundaries AND continually driving diversity, we are pleased to introduce the newest member of the recruitment team, Beth. Beth is the first robot in our Talksure family and her specialty is virtual interviewing. She can interview multiple candidates simultaneously and meet her candidate whenever and wherever they wish to meet with her.  Even under Level 5 lockdown!

Yes, you heard right! Being interviewed in the safety and comfort of your own space and at your full convenience is a reality. No transport or traffic issues, no getting lost and flustered, no risk of arriving late.

Delivering significant access and agility to the recruitment process, Beth will provide us with the chance to conduct interviews with more candidates quickly, while giving our selected candidates the opportunity to engage in a video interview from any location – with any smart device in their own time. This technology will allow our recruitment team to discover the real person behind the CV without having to go through a face-to-face interview and still make an informed, decision when recommending new candidates into our business.

So what is different about how Beth works?

  • The candidate will first be taken to the virtual preparation room where Beth will share a very informative video with the candidate of what they should expect from their interview.
  • The candidate will then enter the virtual interview room with Beth and get a defined time to share their story and capabilities with her.
  • Once the candidate is done, Beth will forward the candidate’s screening interview to our human recruiters for further review and analysis.

The addition of Beth, with her unique capabilities, into our team, will not replace human interaction.  Rather she will allow us to fast track our screening and interview process. She also adds incredible value to our virtual recruitment strategy, enabling a new hybrid approach that will support a great candidate and recruiting manager experience. We have also found that Beth, allows our company the ability to attract a broader range of candidates due to extended ease of access, in an innovative, professional and safe environment.

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