Winners 2016; Best Large Domestic Outsourced Call Centre

BPESA Awards

The annual national awards gala is organised by Business Process Enabling South Africa (BPESA). The competition marked its inaugural awards last year and now boasts two back-to-back events which were an immense success. The objective of such an event is to connect the industry’s foremost achievers, providing a platform to recognise and reward those individual personalities and companies who have excelled over the past 12 months. Such an event serves to place South African BPO companies on the global outsourcing stage, further illustrating that the country offers delivery of quality and world-class BPO service.

“We are delighted to be named the winner of this national award. Having been recognised by this prestigious organisation further corroborates the hard work, effort and dedication that has been put in by the employees of Talksure to ensure that we deliver superior, market leading service to our clients,” said Jess Meredith-Watts, Founder and Chairman of Talksure. “We have evolved into a great organisation and I believe that we truly deserve this award. I am extremely proud of this achievement.” Mr Watts also extended his gratitude to all Talksure partners as he recognises them as being formidable contributors to the success of the company.

“The nominees for the “Best Large Domestic Outsourced Contact Centre” all submitted outstanding projects and initiatives. Our judges were truly overwhelmed as the standard of the entries were way beyond their expectations. This was Talksure’s first year of participating in the BPESA awards and it makes their win for “Best Large Domestic Outsourced Contact Centre” that much more impressive. We’re absolutely proud of what they have achieved and wish them well in continuing to set the bar of excellence for KZN BPO in particular and for the South African BPO sector in general. Congratulations!” said Yogan Naidoo, BPESA Regional Coordinator KZN. Talksure received a trophy as well as a certificate validating them as the national winners.

In addition to having won a category under the company segment, Talksure also had a finalist in the individual segment. Elvina John, who has been Talksure’s best performing sales professional for two consecutive years, was nominated as a finalist in the category for “Best Contact Centre Sales Professional”. She was overjoyed at having been shortlisted and seeing her name amongst the best in the country.

Commenting on this achievement, Chief Operations Officer, Ellen Shaw voiced her appreciation to BPESA and added that such an event creates a platform for sales professionals to show that they are the best in the industry and simultaneously gain the recognition for the efforts they put in. “On behalf of senior management, our thanks go to all our employees for endeavouring to make Talksure what it is today. We also take this opportunity to congratulate all other industry players for the recognition received at this year’s BPESA Awards. They were all most deserving,” she said.

Talksure offers an all-in-one package; outsourcing opportunities, sales capability, brokerage opportunity, bespoke integrated sales, customer relationship management and collections software system, and award winning skills development for our employees. Tailoring services according to the unique requirements of a business as well as developing a service that obtains the best outcomes, is what Talksure takes pride in doing.