Expand your reach and grow your revenue through our corporate distribution channels.

We all know its important to keep the customer happy, to keep them feeling valued and to keep them as your customer. But how do you make sure they won’t shop around for a better deal or look for a different offer elsewhere.

One of the best ways to do this is by offering them more. More services, more choices and more value for money.

Talksure’s Corporate Distribution offering is an effective way to grow your business, reach new markets, develop your loyalty programmes and to generate an increased revenue stream. Like any business relationship, you need to manage it carefully to reap the benefits and add value for your clients. Talksure will work closely with you to develop a package that works for you and your brand in a strategic, focused and sustainable manner.

Our unique roadside security packages can only enhance your current products and services portfolio. This product is the only one on the market that can individually match your client’s needs, providing flexibility, competitive and variable pricing structures, whilst allowing for maximum value to you.

We provide a bespoke security solution focused around our road security and crisis management services. Through our unique network of armed roadside guards and our crisis management services, you can provide your clients with access to roadside security anywhere in South Africa.

If your client breaks down or has an accident on the road, they contact our crisis centre and using our tracking system, we will locate them and send out an armed guards to wait with them until their roadside assistance arrives.

Our ambition is simple

We want to provide you with a value adding product that protects your clients and increases their lifecycle with you.

All our guards are registered to PSIRA

We have the largest guarding network anywhere in South Africa

Reduce your claims exposure

A fully accessible 24 hours a day Crisis Centre

National coverage

State-of-the-art Systems

We have over 180,000 members ascertained in just over 3 years

Non Insurance service, Upto 40% of premium available dependent on volume

Opportunity to add further members to increase premium

We have designed a specific version of our Roadside Security product which can be effortlessly embedded into any large volume customer database under a white labelled brand if required. Some of our partners have added this model as one of their key Valued Added Products (VAPS) on their existing product or loyalty program and have received great success.

With minimal operational requirements and competitive tiered pricing models we can quickly set up this cover for your clients, allowing them the benefits of being protected on the road. Due to the nature of this sales channel, there is a minimum of 30,000 members required at commencement to pursue an embedded option.

The advantage of this distribution model is its customisation and value-adding potential. This model preserves your company brand values and customer relationships whilst providing additional features and benefits.

We can market to your clients on your behalf by either developing a white label product or selling it under your brand. Our affinity model for our Roadside Security Service can be tailored to your requirements. We will meet all necessary requirements when working with your portfolio of clients, your brand principles and your compliance requirements. The result – You increase your revenue and your market share whilst increasing your customers life-cycle.

Third party
Third Party Distribution primarily targets individuals through financial intermediaries including brokers, banks and insurance companies. With this distribution model, we provide you with the product for you to sell into your own client base. We have proven that this model works particularly well where there is already a focus on vehicle based products as the road security service has a direct synergy with vehicles. But it could also work well within other sectors such as travel or tourism.

We have clients from tracking companies, underwriting managers and insurers who sell this product directly for customer acquisition via their select routes to market.

Let us build a tailor made offering exclusively for your company.

We are POPI Compliant and have strict data protection mechanisms and policies. Start increasing you revenue stream and protecting your clients by contacting us today.