Your direct line to personal protection

For this reason, we created 24/7 ASAP. A dedicated personal safety solution and motorized armed guard service.

We have a nation-wide network of armed guards, on-call lawyers and roadside assistance that are coordinated by a centralised, well trained crisis management team who are ON CALL 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  They can locate you in a roadside emergency crisis using your cell phone signal, and they will deploy 24/7 ASAP services as well as contacting emergency services and insurance companies as required.

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Our clients’ personal safety and peace of mind is our top priority

…The TrackGuards arrived in minutes to protect me…

Mr Mountaung

With Tracker for 3 years

…I was so scared until the TrackGuards arrived. We were stranded on the highway and I wasn’t sure of our exact location – the panic button is a real lifesaver, I cannot recommend it enough…

Mr Moodley

With Tracker for 1 year

I received a call back within seconds of pressing my panic button. The call centre handled the whole emergency and stayed on the phone with me until the TrackGuards arrived.

Mr Kruger

With Tracker for 2 years

24/7 ASAP Response to the National Crime Statistics 2015

On September 29, the South African Police Services released the yearly Crime Statistics Report for 2015 to Parliament in Cape Town. Contact crimes have seen an increase in South Africa and this is a concern for all South Africans, as violent crimes have the largest effect on public fear. The murder rate has increased, which saw 17,805 people killed in the past year. To add to that shocking number, carjacking incidents rose to 12,773, that’s a 14% increase in cases.

But what do these numbers mean? It means that quite simply in South Africa 49 people are murdered each day. The figures shown in the Crime Statistics of 2015 raise yet more concerns about the safety of our country which are a major worry for all our families, the impact this has on the economy, exchange rate and foreign investment into South Africa.

So what can we do about the situation? Crime is an issue that we take very seriously and why we created 24/7 ASAP to support the personal protection of our members. Every day our 180 national armed reaction units continually put their lives in danger, reducing the risk to our members of these shocking crimes by offering personal protection, all accessed simply from a push of a button on your cellphone. Due to the increase in crime we are in the process of increasing our network by over 25%. This significant investment in our infrastructure means we will we continue to tackle crime head on to protect our members.