You can afford medical healthcare insurance

Access to the highest quality care at affordable prices

Everybody has different healthcare priorities, that’s why Elixi Medical Insurance plans are designed to suit everybody’s budget.

We offer affordable medical insurance using specific providers in our network for both day to day healthcare, in-hospital and out-of-hospital treatment.

Compare plans and get affordable access to medical healthcare insurance

Gold Plan

Starting from R472 

• Blue Plan Benefits
• Purple Plan Benefits
• Optometry
• Chronic Medication
• Accidental Death Benefit
•  Access to Emergency Service
• Basic & Emergency Dentistry


Purple Plan

Starting from R394

Blue Plan Benefits
In-Patient Stabilisation for Emergency or Casualty Unit Only
• In-Patient Hospital Treatment for Accidents Only
• Out-Patient Casualty Treatment for Accidents Only
• Accidental Death Benefit
• Access to Emergency Service


Blue Plan

Starting from R297

• Unlimited GP Visits
• Unlimited Acute Medication
• Unlimited Basic Radiology & Pathology
• Pre-Birth Maternity Benefits


Get medical healthcare insurance for you and your family today!
Are rising medical costs a concern? Is quality healthcare important for you and your family? Could a medical emergency break you financially?

If you want to avoid expensive medical costs, but still enjoy private medical healthcare, Elixi Medical Insurance can help.

Elixi Medical Insurance aims to make private medical healthcare affordable and accessible to everyone.

When you join Elixi Medical Insurance, you get a range of plans that have been specifically designed to ensure your most essential and basic healthcare needs are taken care of. From unlimited GP visits to in-hospital care, to a range of value added services that include trauma counselling and C5 HIV Prevention.



DISCLAIMER: These limits represent the overall limits for Primary Care and Hospital Care. They will differ according to plan type. Limits apply to individual benefits and are displayed in the benefits table as well as your policy documents. This is not a medical scheme and the cover is not the same as that of a medical scheme. This policy is not a substitute for medical scheme membership. The above benefits are subject to waiting periods and applicable limits. These are outlined in the policy wording which you are required to read and understand. T&Cs apply. This document is not your policy wording. This policy is subject to open enrolment, community rating and cross-subsidisation. Anyone may join the Elixi product and premium rates are community rated – this means the risks are pooled across members on the same product and differentiated by Principal, Adult and Child dependants. Additional premiums are payable for each insured person 56 years or older at the commencement date of their policy. These additional premiums may be waived if the applicant can demonstrate healthcare insurance coverage for 15 or more years since the age of 35. Either party may cancel the policy by giving the other party thirty-one (31) days’ notice in writing.


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