Business Process

Let us build value for your business.

Talksure offers high-quality Business Process Outsourcing solutions on behalf of leading corporations. We partner with you to identify opportunities and co-create strategies to provide predictable, sustainable and reliable sales growth.

We can provide your business with everything it
needs to win:


Straightforward BPO solutions
The direct selling of your products to potential prospects or your existing customers.

Bespoke specialist sales capability
Tailored and specialist campaigns that address sophisticated and complex requirements to help grow your business.

Insurance sales solutions
We are able to sell insurance into regulated and non-regulated sectors and in both domestic and international markets.

CRM service provision
We have the knowledge and a track record of proven success with large blue-chip companies providing outsourced lead generation and sales services to existing and prospective customers.

Commercialising databases
This is a Talksure speciality, we provide Tracker with over 3,000 new customers every month.

Categories we generate revenue in:



  1. Medical insurance
  2. Gap cover
  3. Dental
  4. Motor warranty
  5. Scratch and Dent
  6. Decoder insurance
  7. Comprehensive short term insurance
  8. Non-underwritten life
  9. Personal accident


  1. Vehicle tracking
  2. Security services
  3. Roadside assistance
  4. Fibre and wi-fi
  5. Licence renewals
  6. Telecoms
  7. Publishing

Sales capability

Our high-performance sales agents operate on your behalf, selling, cross-selling and upselling to your database with exceptional conversion rates. Every team receives extensive training on both our partners and the products they are selling, and benefit from the assistance of our talented scriptwriters and coaching teams. We also thoroughly test your tailored campaign in a structured and considered way to establish the most profitable sales solution for your business. We don’t rest until your campaign is a success.

We drive 60 000+ sales every month by:

  1. Outbound telesales campaigns – this is hardcore selling
  2. Cross-sell and upsell strategies
  3. Digital response campaigns
  4. Conversion or switch campaigns
  5. Surveys
  6. Appointment setting

To support our clients further, our customer services include:


24-hour, 365-day
crisis centre


First notification
of loss


Collections, debit
orders and retentions


Policy amendments
and administration


Policy fulfilment


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