We live wanting to get the most out of life. Whilst we do so, someone out there is fighting for life and is in urgent need of blood. By hosting regular blood drives, Talksure gives its staff the opportunity to be real life heroes.

Talksure received an award from the South African National Blood Service (SANBS) at its annual Blood Drive Controller event on February 10th, 2017. Held at the Sun Coast Conference Centre, Talksure was recognised as one of the Top 5 contributing businesses in the Kwa-Zulu Natal Northern Region. Talksure earned this honour by virtue of their staff having provided 183 units of blood for the year 2016.

“We want to play our part in helping save lives. We sell products that we believe are lifesaving, however, there is no artificial substitute for blood. Talksure understands the constant need that the SANBS has, and because of this we host four blood drives throughout the course of the year,” said Tashna Kistanna, Human Resources Officer at Talksure. Kistanna further highlighted that the 183 units of blood donated by their staff has the potential to save the lives of 549 people, and mentioned that as Talksure grows, it hopes to increase in its annual contribution to the SANBS.

The South African National Blood Service plays an essential role in providing blood for human transfusion, blood products, and research in the field. Every year, the organisation recognises various businesses who partnered with them to host blood drives in order to supply the nation with life-saving blood products.

Based in Umhlanga Durban, Talksure is a Financial Services Provider that is concerned with not only its organisational goals but also social issues. As an organisation with a staff contingency of 769 people, Talksure understands that it also has a role to play in benefiting the greater community that it serves and operates within. Talksure’s employee contingency is much smaller in comparison to the other recognised companies, which serves to illustrate that its caring, family based culture and values extend towards its employees The blood drives hosted by Talksure play a big part of its corporate social responsibility as it views such an initiative as a means of serving a greater good. Talksure would like to applaud its selfless employees for this honour. The blood supply comes from caring donors like our staff and we urge them and all eligible donors to continue or start donating. Give someone another chance at living, give someone the gift of life.

Above: Tashna Kistanna, Human Resources Officer, was on hand to receive the award.