Tripple medals at the CCW awards, (EMEA) London 2017

Leading financial services provider, Talksure, walked away with three esteemed industry awards at the 2017 EMEA Top Ranking Performers Awards Gala which was held at the Grange City Hotel in London on Friday 26 May.

Talksure received silver in the category of Best Contact Centre – Large (In-house), which recognised the company’s commitment to best practices in the contact centre industry. Two of Talksure’s individual category finalists had also achieved outstanding results at the event, which saw them win gold in the Best Sales Manager and silver in the Best Quality Auditor Award. The event was held by who are the largest Contact Centre Association in the world.  

Talksure competed against several other large in-house contact centres from the European, Middle Eastern and African (EMEA) region. Some of the contenders in this category included Mashreq Bank (UAE), ING Bank (Turkey) and ČEZ Group (Czech Republic). This was Talksure’s first effort to vie for an award on the international stage and the results were remarkable.   “With a focus on our best practices, the award celebrates the fantastic achievement, hard work and dedication that our people at Talksure have put in. Furthermore it illustrates that our hard work is recognised on a world stage and we are proud to represent South Africa on this platform.” said Jacques de Beer, Managing Director of Talksure. When asked about the efforts and performance of the individual finalists Mr. de Beer said “Sunjveer and Sheena, are real-life success stories. Their hard work and determination are testament that the industry offers career growth and development. It is an honour to have been present to see them gain the recognition for all of their efforts.”  

The gala was a culmination of a week long conference in which all finalists had to present to fellow peers in the industry as well as a panel of judges. For Talksure’s finalists who had never been at such an event, the task seemed quite daunting however the result proved that all representatives did the company proud.  

Sunjveer Panday, Sales Manager at Talksure, represented the company and South Africa at the regional event, clinching gold in the category of Best Sales Manager. “The award is a special one for not just me, but for the company as well. It illustrates that what we are doing as the Talksure family strives towards excellence, recognition of efforts and success. For me it illustrates that what I contribute to the business allows us to achieve more and allows the business to attain its organisational goals. This is an amazing award and one that I am very proud to have won” says Panday.  

Sheena Shaik was another finalist for Talksure, and she walked away as runner-up in the category of Best Quality Auditor. Sheena’s presentation focused on how Talksure maintains levels of compliance in every interaction it has with its customers. Despite her reserved demeanour, she calmly delivered her presentation and as a result, she received a silver medal.  

“The 2017 Top Ranking Performers Award Winners for Europe, Middle East & Africa are the most passionate, dedicated and professionals in the industry. The best practices they shared at our amazing conference were inspirational, leading edge and very practical. Our congratulations go out to all winners and everyone who participated. We heard presentations from 14 different nations across Europe, Middle East & Africa and we look forward to hosting the global best practice conference and awards in October where we expect presentations from at least 25 nations to take place in London in October.” said Raj Wadhwani, President of

The 2017 Top Ranking Performers Awards saw a total of 14 different nations from across the EMEA region participate in the awards. Contact Centre World is the World’s largest Contact Centre Association with over 185,000 members in 200 countries. Established in the UK in 1999, helps professionals and companies through training, education, best practice conferences, awards and engagement measurement tools for customers and staff. will be hosting their global best practice conference and awards in October. This event will take place in London and will see at least 25 nations worldwide participate for global honours.