Our partnership with Talksure started in June 2012 and what began as a trial initiative has developed into a fix term contract.

Tracker is an exclusive partner to Talksure and has a permanent team embedded into their outbound call centre. They are a dynamic organisation and their unwavering commitment to driving and achieving the strategic goals of this partnership is pivotal to our joint success.

We are proud of what we have achieved together in a short space of time and look forward to a many more years of collaboration with Talksure.

Michael Nieuwoudt – Executive: Global Sales, Tracker

I have, in my capacity as CEO of MiWay Insurance Ltd (a fast-growing general insurer in South Africa), known Jess Watts and his company, Talksure, since June 2009.
MiWay has had extensive business dealings with Talksure between June 2009 and September 2014. During this period, Talksure played a significant role in the growth and establishment of MiWay, who launched as a greenfields start-up in February 2008.
The main function performed by Talksure was to generate short-term (general) insurance leads for MiWay on a substantial scale between June 2009 and September 2014. At one stage, 20-25% of MiWay’s sales came from leads generated by Talksure. The quality of these leads were excellent.
Talksure also effectively sold policies on behalf of MiWay. The quality of the sales was good, however, MiWay took a strategic decision to bring all sales in-house, hence this function not lasting as long as the lead generation function.
The abovementioned relationship ended amicably in September 2014, however, the “Talksure” policies on the MiWay book is still performing well and Talksure still earns a substantial amount of commission from MiWay on a monthly basis for as long as the policies remain on the book. We still have regular meetings with Talksure to investigate other potential mutual opportunities.
The relationship worked because of the high level of trust that existed between the parties and the high quality of the service that we received from Talksure.

Rene Otto – CEO – MiWay Insurance Limited