What we do

Customer Contact Centre

At the heart of Talksure is a single site customer contact centre, staffed with a successful team of accent-neutral sales agents. Through this high-performance hub we manage all of our partners’ distribution, outsource solutions and customer care queries, as well as our own bespoke products and services. We speak to over 65,000 potential customers every day, dialling domestic and international markets, and generating more than 30,000 new sales each month.

Our customer contact centre boasts highly skilled consultants with extensive training and in-depth consumer knowledge. We’re experts in engaging in highly competitive markets, specialising in inbound, response-based marketing and cold, outbound sales.

We have a skilled and fully accredited FAIS/FSCA sales force to represent your business.

Our services


Business Process

Talksure offers high-quality Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) solutions on behalf of leading product and service providers. We offer straightforward solutions and bespoke specialist sales capability to boost your revenue and market share

Affinity Products

We have a selection of our own products available for packaging under your brand. Whichever your chosen product suite, we will white-label our products and market them to your database, or our own extensive list of customer contacts. We handle the entire value chain, from product research, testing and creation, through sales, billing and collections.

Product House

Not only do we develop and market our own products, but we also create high-value custom products for our partners. All our product development follows a process of intense market research and testing, ensuring we only take leading-edge products to market. It is our ambition to deliver lifestyle enhancing solutions to our customers and yours.

24/7 Crisis Centre

Every company can benefit by providing their customers with emergency response-based services that provide protection against everyday risks. Our Crisis Centre, operates 24-hours per day, seven days per week, all year round, and offers companies the tools to provide valuable services without the additional stress. The centre handles the emergency inbound response and dispatch requirements for our own customer base, as well as 130,000 of our partners’ customers. On average, our Crisis Centre results in 10,000 inbound contracts per month, with required action varying from the dispatch of multiple services, such as roadside assistance and security or emergency management services, to contracts with the South African Police Services and even simple advice requirements, such as locating the nearest petrol station.


Customer Services

Our customer contact centre places a high emphasis on customer experience, helping our partners grow, manage and retain their customer database. Our teams facilitate every step of the customer journey, interacting on behalf of your organisation from the start, identifying your customers’ needs, offering a viable solution and maintaining an informative and sympathetic correspondence.

We handle post-sales queries, claims and retentions across a range of financial and non-financial services products.